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Club Office

Vitra Research & Design Office, Birsfelden

Using our own spaces as a testing ground for our Research & Design team, Vitra’s Consulting & Planning team has built the first Club Office at our head office in Birsfelden, near Basel, Switzerland. People do not come to the office today for individual activities requiring concentration – they come because they have a desire to feel part of a larger whole, because they want to meet their colleagues, and because they seek new knowledge and experiences. The Club’s ‘members’ – consisting of employees from all parts of Vitra and its close external partners – encounter a whole range of different spatial scenarios, divided into a public and a semi-public area. The Club Office in Birsfelden offers numerous different work settings within a small footprint of less than 300 square metres.​


Product solutions for hybrid work

For decades, Vitra has responded to transformations in the workplace with products for changing working conditions – guided by its own research in this field. As a result, many of the products used in the new Club Office already existed in the Vitra portfolio, while others were specially conceived to meet the new requirements. The new developments have in common a demand for flexibility and high quality, which allows the post-Covid office to adapt to shifting needs while signalling value and appreciation to its users.

Introducing Alcove Plus

Often copied but never equalled in terms of style and enduring quality, Alcove was one of the first examples of microarchitectural sofas to provide secluded niches or meeting spaces within open-plan offices.



What’s the Club Office all about?

As its name suggests, the Club Office has been inspired by the many groups that people form all around the world, be they chess societies, sewing circles, football squads, or debate teams. These are clubs formed by likeminded people who get together on their own terms, collaborating, sharing ideas and building energy for a larger goal. The Club Office shares this same spirit. It is the home of the organisation, and a unique representation of its purpose and values. It is the simplest, and often only, physical manifestation of a company’s identity, and so becomes a place of belonging. In the Club, the company can host its community: members, customers and partners. Their rituals are linked to this place, and their memories and experiences are rooted here. The Club embodies the culture that a company is looking to build: it is the home of a winning team that both existing and future members want to be a part of. And, of course, just as no two companies are alike, so too will every Club Office look and feel different.

Club Office​

E-Paper 07​

Many offices still remain empty, the meeting rooms and kitchenettes deserted. But as the return to the workplace nears, certain questions become increasingly urgent: Who is coming back to the office? What for? Is the former work environment still suitable? What does the office now have to offer? In response to these questions, we are debuting the ‘Club Office’. Our latest e-paper looks at the development of Vitra’s own Club Office, which is our response to the need for a post-pandemic workspace, as well as in-depth spatial solutions and the latest product updates.


Consulting & Planning Studio

With decades of experience, the Vitra Consulting & Planning Studio offers consultancy services and tools to assist partners, decision-makers and employees in rethinking their offices and transforming them into future-proof workspaces. A tried-and-tested process yields the foundations for a customised interior. Our teams will advise you on how to reinvent your offices with the focus on your employees’ needs and design improved work experiences for your entire organisation.