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Sustainability is not a project or a corporate goal. It is an entrepreneurial attitude that finds expression in every activity. In whom Vitra employs (43 nationalities, 33% women in management positions, 66% female Group Management). In how Vitra supports its employees (such as with a company daycare centre). In how Vitra designs the campus and renders it accessible to the public (for example the Oudolf Garten).

In how Vitra develops and manufactures its products. In where Vitra sources its raw materials. In how Vitra organises its supply chain. In how the Vitra Campus buildings are operated (with energy from hydropower). And in how the latest insights into the impact of corporate action are seen as opportunities for further expansion.

Doing what is right for the long term

Vitra takes an in-depth approach and strives to get to the heart of the matter. Only then are lasting solutions found, instead of passing on problems to others.

Sustainable product development is complex: research, evaluation, experimentation, scrapping ideas and starting over again. Materials, production routes, packaging, transport, recycling and waste disposal must be taken into consideration. Development processes at Vitra take slightly longer as we aim to achieve the best solutions.

Expanding the percentage of recyclable and recycled materials

Before a new material is used, all the pros and cons are thoroughly evaluated. This includes efficient use of resources across the entire supply chain:

Sustainability report