Recycled plastics
Vitra employs various recycled plastic materials (polypropylene, ABS, polyamide, polyethylene, ASA) for the manufacture of entire products or components. Parameters such as intended use, construction, strength, load, colouring or feel are decisive for the choice of a type of plastic. A distinction is therefore made between so-called post-consumer recycling materials and post-industrial recycling materials.

Post-consumer recycling materials: primarily packaging material sourced from household waste. This is only possible when an appropriate separation system is in place for household waste, as is the case in Germany or Austria. The post-consumer recycling materials used at Vitra come from the ‘Yellow Bag’ (Gelber Sack) collection in Germany. If it is possible to manufacture a product or component in a post-consumer recycling material, this solution is given precedence.

Post-industrial recycling materials: if no post-consumer recycled material is suitable to manufacture a specific product or component, Vitra checks whether a post-industrial recycling material could be a feasible alternative. There are countless industrial processes around the world that generate scrap and waste material. Vitra is constantly investigating them for new possibilities in terms of material compositions that represent real recycling value and that also make ecological sense in terms of transport routes and manufacturing processes.

And if necessary, based on key criteria such as strength or surface texture, Vitra examines a potential third option of mixing a primary material and a recycled material. However, in the case of such so-called blends, the proportion of recycled material must always be greater than 50%.

All recycled plastic materials used by Vitra can in turn be 100% recycled at the end of the product’s life.

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