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Inspiration for the winter season
„If the Stars align”, installation in the VitraHaus

Two areas in the VitraHaus have been refurnished for the winter season from 16 November to 6 January 2020. Gaze at the starry sky depicted on both large murals of the welcome area and you will find hidden Vitra products. The arrangement and the walls are kept in dark muted colours and emphasise the elegance of the furniture.

The second storey in the VitraHaus shows an inviting decorated dining table, beckoning visitors to gather round for a meal with family and friends. Midnight blue tones predominate in the choice of furniture and accessories such as the Eames Fiberglass chairs or the Resting Birds that adorn the table.

Inspirations at the VitraHaus
Vitra considers all furnishings to be a personal collage which changes over time with the tastes, preferences and the personal circumstances of the owner. In order to always present our visitors with a continuous flow of fresh ideas, the VitraHaus displays change on a regular basis, with new Vitra products continuously being added to the tour. All Vitra furniture and accessories seen can be ordered or purchased here.