Why join Vitra?

Vitra Citizen Office 2011

Globalisation and innovative technologies create new challenges for companies and their employees. Vitra’s goal is to develop concepts and solutions for the changes that are occurring in today’s workplace. Trends, developments and ideas all have room to develop at Vitra.

Vitra is a family company that has grown and expanded worldwide. Its international reputation begins at its headquarters in Birsfelden, Switzerland. Employees in Switzerland work together with people from other European countries on a daily basis here. Orientation programmes make it possible to network and provide support to the different countries on all levels. Diversity and openness make a dynamic work environment possible.

Work environment
For employees, a holistic approach and room for self-realisation are a part of the new understanding of the workplace. At Vitra we support this development wholeheartedly: we are convinced that work spaces and their furnishings have a great influence on the motivation, performance and health of the people who work there. Offices should therefore be places that are open to change and where employees feel comfortable. With the furnishings in our offices, we are continuously implementing our ideas on inspiring work environments: employees should feel that the time they spend at work is also a valuable time in their lives. Regularly communicating and receiving information and flat hierarchies support this process.

Technological advancements lead to increased virtuality in companies. Communication barriers continue to be removed and the speed of processes is ever increasing. Flexitime models make it possible for Vitra employees to organise their assigned tasks and personal goals on the job. On the one hand, this increases efficiency in a workplace that is becoming more and more organised according to projects-related activities, and, on the other hand, facilitates a work-life balance for employees. Certain forms of work such as the home office make it possible to plan work schedules according to one’s own needs.

Vitra is dedicated to supporting new forms of organisation and work. Our innovative office environments facilitate personal contact amongst employees. In addition to opportunities for spontaneous exchange of ideas and direct contact to superiors, employees have a chance to discuss performance, the quality of teamwork and individual development possibilities with colleagues. The focus is on recognising opportunities, strengthening skills and finding solutions when problems crop up.

Continuing training

Vitra offers its employees a wide range of internal continuing training programmes. Personal and methodological continuing training is needed to ensure a dynamic and efficient way of working. Training sessions also give participants the opportunity to connect with one another. These sessions provide the opportunity to create internal networks that facilitate communication and the exchange of information. Cooperating with external training institutes makes it possible for Vitra to address the special work-related needs of its employees.

We are looking for dedicated employees
What we value most in our employees is commitment, flexibility and active participation in the team. We are looking for people who have alert minds, skilled hands and passion, because these are the kinds of people who can help us to reach our goals as a company.

Have we sparked your interest in Vitra and a specific job? If so, we look forward to meeting you. Please send us a complete application via our Job-Portal.

Even if you don't see the perfect job listed, you are welcome to send us a general application by e-mail to jobs@vitra.com.