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Home Story III

As a composer, I was looking for a space with generous volumes and the right acoustics that would allow me to focus completely on my music. I chose an interior that is clean and functional, to which I added colourful accents with my chairs.

Every dining chair set comes with a gift.
Buy a set of five dining chairs between November 1st 2018 and January 31st 2019 and get the sixth chair as a gift.
Plate No Eames_Dining Table .03 Wooden Dolls L'Oiseau Metal Wall Reflief Dove Wooden Side Table Soft Modular Sofa Eames House Bird_no_web_16-9_gift

Discovery offer for Repos and Grand Repos in a new fabric
Buy a Repos or Grand Repos in the new fabric Mello between November 1st 2018 and January 31st 2019 and get it for a discovery price.
Villa Kaplansky 282582_Basis_B_Non_Eames_flat_web_16-9

A sofa is an expression of how its owners live. There are as many nuances as there are people. And one thing they have in common: the sofa is the center of living.
We invited four designers to define their favourite version of their Vitra sofa – the “Sofa Campaign 2018/19 – Designers’ Choice”. Learn more about these new and exciting versions that accentuate the unique character of each sofa.
Soft Modular Sofa Aura Stripes Wooden Side Table Eames House Bird black Monopod Wooden Dools_web_16-9