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Wall Clocks - Asterisk Clock
DWG2D DWG, 22.39KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 1.06KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 3.09KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 46.81KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 5.04KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 9.66KBDownload
VCSVCS, 28.76KBDownload
Wall Clocks - Ball Clock
DWG2D DWG, 25.58KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 2.54KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 14.81KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 69.09KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 39.43KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 14.81KBDownload
VCSVCS, 34.12KBDownload
Wall Clocks - Eye Clock
DWG2D DWG, 22.14KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 1.13KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 24.45KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 252.88KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 33.42KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 44.74KBDownload
VCSVCS, 64.29KBDownload
Wall Clocks - Fan Clock
Nelson Fan Clock fbxCAD, FBX, 665.71KBDownload
Nelson Fan Clock objCAD, OBJ, 1.13MBDownload
Nelson Fan Clock skpCAD, SKP, 1.38MBDownload
Nelson Fan Clock 2D dwgCAD, 2D DWG, 16.71KBDownload
Nelson Fan Clock 2D dxfCAD, 2D DXF, 16.37KBDownload
Nelson Fan Clock 3D dwgCAD, 3D DWG, 1004.15KBDownload
Nelson Fan Clock 3D dxfCAD, 3D DXF, 1.07MBDownload
Nelson Fan Clock 3dsCAD, 3D 3DS, 598.94KBDownload
Nelson Fan Clock daeCAD, DAE, 645.70KBDownload
Wall Clocks - Flock of Butterflies
Wall Clocks Flock of Butterflies fbxCAD, FBX, 91.72KBDownload
Wall Clocks Flock of Butterflies objCAD, OBJ, 453.01KBDownload
Wall Clocks Flock of Butterflies skpCAD, SKP, 149.59KBDownload
Wall Clocks Flock of Butterflies 2D dwgCAD, 2D DWG, 12.27KBDownload
Wall Clocks Flock of Butterflies 2D dxfCAD, 2D DXF, 12.89KBDownload
Wall Clocks Flock of Butterflies 3D dwgCAD, 3D DWG, 159.72KBDownload
Wall Clocks Flock of Butterflies 3D dxfCAD, 3D DXF, 176.61KBDownload
Wall Clocks Flock of Butterflies 3dsCAD, 3D 3DS, 95.92KBDownload
Wall Clocks Flock of Butterflies daeCAD, DAE, 71.47KBDownload
Wall Clocks - Petal Clock
DWG2D DWG, 36.18KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 8.85KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 17.49KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 88.41KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 37.37KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 30.98KBDownload
VCSVCS, 50.36KBDownload
Wall Clocks - Polygon Clock
Nelson Polygon Clock 3dsCAD, 3D 3DS, 53.23KBDownload
Nelson Polygon Clock daeCAD, DAE, 58.79KBDownload
Nelson Polygon Clock fbxCAD, FBX, 75.13KBDownload
Nelson Polygon Clock objCAD, OBJ, 157.40KBDownload
Nelson Polygon Clock skpCAD, SKP, 119.39KBDownload
Nelson Polygon Clock 2D dwgCAD, 2D DWG, 14.20KBDownload
Nelson Polygon Clock 2D dxfCAD, 2D DXF, 14.51KBDownload
Nelson Polygon Clock 3D dwgCAD, 3D DWG, 86.16KBDownload
Nelson Polygon Clock 3D dxfCAD, 3D DXF, 97.17KBDownload
Wall Clocks - Popsicle Clock
DWG2D DWG, 21.98KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 21.79KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 1.44MBDownload
DAEDAE, 1.43MBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 916.07KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 1.02MBDownload
FBXFBX, 1.47MBDownload
OBJOBJ, 3.37MBDownload
SKPSKP, 3.40MBDownload
Wall Clocks - Spindle Clock
DWG2D DWG, 27.67KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 4.21KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 20.27KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 124.75KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 46.76KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 73.46KBDownload
VCSVCS, 92.70KBDownload
Wall Clocks - Star Clock
DWG2D DWG, 21.84KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 1.09KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 4.32KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 50.31KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 6.81KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 11.15KBDownload
VCSVCS, 30.42KBDownload
Wall Clocks - Sunburst Clock
DWG2D DWG, 23.60KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 1.51KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 3.98KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 45.16KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 6.66KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 11.27KBDownload
VCSVCS, 30.50KBDownload
Wall Clocks - Sunflower Clock
DWG2D DWG, 22.40KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 1.22KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 65.82KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 159.59KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 148.36KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 75.81KBDownload
VCSVCS, 95.44KBDownload
Wall Clocks - Turbine Clock
DWG2D DWG, 23.48KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 1.53KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 45.28KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 172.86KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 111.45KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 38.68KBDownload
VCSVCS, 58.12KBDownload
Wall Clocks - Wheel Clock
Nelson Wheel Clock 3D dwgCAD, 3D DWG, 81.64KBDownload
Nelson Wheel Clock 3D dxfCAD, 3D DXF, 90.88KBDownload
Nelson Wheel Clock 3dsCAD, 3D 3DS, 40.83KBDownload
Nelson Wheel Clock daeCAD, DAE, 44.06KBDownload
Nelson Wheel Clock fbxCAD, FBX, 59.01KBDownload
Nelson Wheel Clock objCAD, OBJ, 134.09KBDownload
Nelson Wheel Clock skpCAD, SKP, 90.25KBDownload
Nelson Wheel Clock 2D dwgCAD, 2D DWG, 14.81KBDownload
Nelson Wheel Clock 2D dxfCAD, 2D DXF, 15.53KBDownload
This product was designed by
George Nelson
George Nelson is regarded as one of the most important figures in American design. Active as an architect, a product and exhibition designer and a writer, he was a leading voice in the discourse on design and architecture over several decades. Vitra is the sole authorised manufacturer of specified Nelson products for markets in Europe and the Middle East.
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