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Candle Holders - Circle High
DWG2D DWG, 23.86KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 1.50KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 10.21KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 77.80KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 12.96KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 43.18KBDownload
VCSVCS, 57.73KBDownload
Candle Holders - Circle Low
DWG2D DWG, 23.82KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 1.50KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 10.49KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 78.73KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 13.06KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 43.36KBDownload
VCSVCS, 57.71KBDownload
Candle Holders - Petal
DWG2D DWG, 25.42KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 2.35KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 16.35KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 93.80KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 20.31KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 49.23KBDownload
VCSVCS, 63.65KBDownload
Candle Holders - Star
DWG2D DWG, 23.91KBDownload
DXF2D DXF, 1.53KBDownload
3DS3D 3DS, 8.17KBDownload
DWG3D DWG, 71.54KBDownload
DXF3D DXF, 10.15KBDownload
OGRPOGRP, 41.32KBDownload
VCSVCS, 55.62KBDownload
This product was designed by
Alexander Girard
The architect and designer Alexander Girard was one of the leading figures in American design during the postwar era. His passion for colours, patterns and textures found expression in the field of textile design, which was a focal part of his oeuvre.
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