ID Chair Concept

Antonio Citterio, 2010

  • The ID Chair Concept offers countless customisation options to suit individual users. The FlowMotion mechanism with its multiple functions, a variety of backrests, armrests and bases as well as a wide range of colours and upholstery covers allow each user and each company to create 'their' own ID Chair – be it for open-plan workspaces, individual or team offices, conference areas or management offices. Despite the many possible variations, it always remains essentially the same chair in look and construction – with benefits for companies in terms of aesthetics, maintenance and service.

    A study by the Institute for Biomechanics at ETH Zurich – one of the world's leading universities – demonstrated the comprehensive benefits of the ID Chair’s range of movement. EMG measurements confirmed that the intuitive use of the weight-dependent forward tilt results in greater activity of the stomach and back muscles. This boosts the metabolism and stabilises the lumbar column. MRI measurements proved that the forward tilt function triggers movement in all segments of the lower spine. This relieves pressure and enhances the diffusion of nutrients to the vertebral discs. These dynamic sitting features actively prevent health problems.

    The Flow-Motion mechanism and its many functions can be set to the exact requirements of the respective user. The soft seat and supportive backrest ensure great comfort. With the optional integration of Clima Seat fleece, the seat maintains pleasant thermal conditions for up to eight times longer than conventional seat surfaces.

    The ID Chair Concept consists of the models ID Air, ID Mesh, ID Soft, ID Trim, ID Trim L and ID Trim Cap, each with a different backrest.

  • Plano

    03 parchment/cream white

    05 cream white/sierra grey

    99 cognac/parchment

    11 marron/cognac

    12 light grey/ice blue

    13 nero/ice blue

    15 pink/sierra grey

    16 dark red/ice blue

    17 forest/sierra grey

    18 light grey/sierra grey

    19 sierra grey

    20 tobacco/cream white

    39 yellow/pastel green

    40 coconut/forest

    41 classic green/forest

    43 petrol/nero

    52 mint/forest

    61 classic green/cocgnac

    62 dark grey/nero

    73 nero/coconut

    74 sierra grey/nero

    75 marron/nero

    81 blue/coconut

    87 nero/cream white

    96 red/cognac

    97 red/coconut

    98 dark red/nero

    34 grass green/forest

    63 red/poppy red

    07 orange

    54 brown

    66 nero

    67 cognac

    68 avocado

    69 dark grey

    72 poppy red

    80 coffee

    84 poppy red/champagne

    86 dark blue/brown


    10 ivory

    16 warmgrey/ivory

    05 warmgrey

    30 light grey/poppy red

    31 pink/poppy red

    32 red/poppy red

    53 poppy red

    33 marron/poppy red

    01 red

    35 red/moor brown

    06 dark red

    24 yellow/poppy red

    23 yellow/pastel green

    25 light grey/pastel green

    55 grass-green

    26 mint/pastel green

    09 green

    27 mint/forest

    56 teal blue

    29 petrol/moor brown

    28 light grey/forest

    22 dark blue/forest

    17 ice blue/ivory

    18 dark blue/ivory

    20 ice blue/moor brown

    51 ice blue

    19 blue/moor brown

    57 dark blue

    21 dark blue/moor brown

    36 nero/cognac

    50 black brown

    37 nero/moor brown

    13 stonegrey

    03 dark grey

    04 black


    01 light grey

    02 cognac

    03 blue-grey

    04 ink blue

    05 brown

    06 dark grey

    07 black

    Diamond Mesh

    24 soft grey

    79 ice grey

    71 mauve grey

    21 dimgrey

    68 avocado

    77 brick

    67 asphalt

    54 brown

    66 nero

    Silk Mesh

    24 soft grey

    79 ice grey

    68 avocado

    77 brick

    71 mauve grey

    21 dimgrey

    67 asphalt

    54 brown

    66 nero


    72 snow

    71 sand

    69 marron

    68 chocolate

    21 dim grey

    67 asphalt

    66 nero

    70 red


    30 basic dark

    53 soft grey

    Backrest colour ID Air

    30 basic dark

    52 soft light

    53 soft grey


    03 aluminium polished

    01 basic dark

    Hood (Fleece)

    82 grey/stone


The architect and designer Antonio Citterio, who lives and works in Milan, has collaborated with Vitra since 1988. Together they have produced a series of office chairs and various office systems, as well as products for the Vitra Home Collection. The Citterio Collection is constantly being expanded.
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