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Shopfitting Systems, Shopfitting services and Lighting Solutions for Stores

Today we can make purchases at any time and from any location. But there is no better place to interact with a brand than in an actual store. Shops must provide a memorable experience to motivate customers to seek them out, and Vitra has the expertise to make such experiences happen.

Within the last years, the shopfitting section of Vitra acted under the names Visplay (Systems) and Vizona (Projects). As of 2016, both companies have gone back to their roots and are once again operating under the Vitra brand name. Under the joint brand name, you can still make use of the areas of expertise in conjunction with one another or separately.

Together with clients, Vitra is currently developing retail concepts that prepare brick-and-mortar stores for a future dominated by digitised technologies. The company regards such changes in the retail sector as a challenge and also as a chance to rethink analogue models.


Working together with international brands, the experienced project managers and engineers at Vitra execute major projects around the globe, from the initial planning stages to the handover of keys. With its intelligent shopfitting systems, the company fulfils the needs of major brands as well as small retail stores. Thanks to their understated aesthetic, ‘Invisible Design’ and versatility, Vitra’s retail products remain up-to-date for many years.

In combination with the sophisticated lighting solutions of the Vitra subsidiary Ansorg they can significantly increase the efficiency and attractiveness of sales areas.

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