Living Together

New Installation in the VitraHaus, Level 1


In today’s urbanised world, collective living has become a popular residential typology. A new installation on Level 1 in the VitraHaus presents ideas and possibilities for communal living, taking the form of an apartment inhabited by three generations: parents, children and grandparents.

The various areas occupied by the respective family members reflect their personalities. The dining room is the heart of the dwelling, where everyone gathers to spend time together. But traces of the different inhabitants are found in each ‘room’ – because a successful model of living together is vital, open and diverse.

For example the grandparents’ living room, which also reflects the various personalities of the inhabitants. The grandfather, a former botanist, loves his plants and herbs, while grandma always has her knitting close by. The books, on the other hand, belong to the parents, who teach literature and geography. And possessions of the two children are also found here: Charlie’s robot and Lucie’s animal figures. The diverse assortment of objects reveals the closeness of this family.

Imágenes: Lorenz Cugini

VH Inspirations 3 / 2017 (Level 1 - Zusammenwohnen)_web_16-9
VH Inspirations 3 / 2017 (Level 1 - Zusammenwohnen)_web_16-9
VH Inspirations 3 / 2017 (Level 1 - Zusammenwohnen)_web_16_9
Inspiración en VitraHaus
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