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«The successful companies of tomorrow are driven by curiosity and creativity. They create new values for the company by recognising their employees’ untapped skills, redefining work and identifying new possibilities.»

Agile working originates from the ‘Manifest for Agile Software Development’ written in 2001, and is today much more than just a buzzword. Derived from digital technology, this organisational and work philosophy differs radically from the practices of most traditional companies.

Agility is not an end in itself. While many firms have successfully introduced agile processes, others have failed and returned to previous structures. Agile working is no solution if it does not suit the company and brings no improvements. Companies that wish to adopt agile methods must undergo a major cultural and organisational transition, while also adapting their offices to these new work processes.

Agile organisations need agile offices

«  If you bring a flexible, agile way of thinking into a room, then the room also has to have the flexibility to change. Free thinking requires a clear mind. Agility doesn’t stop at the door; it encompasses the office space itself. The office is in fact a manifestation of the thought process. »