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Happy Places by Raw-Edges
Installation in the VitraHaus, Level 4

Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer, the Israeli design duo behind the London-based studio Raw-Edges, created their interior installation with a specific idea in mind, namely the ideal home environment for a busy, creative young family – just like themselves and their two daughters.

As a result, the entire level is cheerful, authentic and true to life. Raw-Edges has become known for their playful use of materials, colours and products. These are also defining characteristics of the new VitraHaus installation: the carefully assembled collage of products by Vitra and Artek combines natural materials such as wood, glass and lightweight fabrics with strong, colourful accents. Raw-Edges has added a creative twist to many standard Vitra products, not only giving them a novel look, but also imbuing them with new functional properties.

Varied niches and corners create opportunities for occupants to carve out a space for themselves in the open-plan interior and signal their desire for privacy. In the living room, assorted colours converge in apparent disorder, yet still generate an immediate sense of comforting calm and ease. It seems as though the residents must have just briefly gone down to the VitraHaus Café below and will be coming right back to continue playing, reading – and living their lives.

A pattern of diagonal colour fields in gradations of a specific hue appear on various objects found throughout the installation, such as cushions, figures and pictures. Handcrafted by the designers with a dye immersion technique, they are a defining design feature of the entire loft. The fresh and freely furnished bathroom is adorned by a large mobile-like installation with cushions dyed in diagonal stripes of colour.

Images: Lorenz Cugini

VH Inspirations 1/2018_web_16-9
VH Inspirations 1 / 2018_web_16-9
Inspirations dans la VitraHaus
Vitra considère chaque aménagement comme un collage personnel qui se forme au fil du temps selon le goût et les circonstances de ses habitants. Afin de présenter de nouvelles idées à nos visiteurs, les installations de la VitraHaus sont régulièrement modifiées et de nouveaux produits Vitra sont intégrés en permanence dans le circuit de visite. Tous les meubles et accessoires Vitra peuvent être commandés ou achetés directement sur place.