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Sitting Sexy

A Vitra Anecdote

Shot in 1970, this provocative photo sequence, entitled “How to undress in front of your husband”, shows the artful striptease of Amanda Lear on, and next to, a red Panton Chair.

The Panton Chair, with its daring, sensuous shape, quickly became a media hit. Its fame grew thanks to a provocative photo sequence by photographer Brian Duffy published in the British magazine Nova in May, 1971. Entitled “How to undress in front of your husband”, a fashion shoot was turned into a flip-book showing Amanda Lear – singer, model and ‘the best stripper in Paris’ –stripping in the company of a red Panton Chair. She artfully avoids giving too much away –including her true gender, which was then the subject of much gossip (and a scandal that eventually cost the magazine art director his job). Verner Panton was highly amused when he found out about this unconventional striptease that showed his chair as an icon of the spirit of the 1960s. Not without reason, the Panton Chair was named the sexiest chair ever made.

Publication Date: 13.2.2014
Author: Anniina Koivu
Images: Brian Duffy, © Duffy Archive