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Zurich, Suisse

On, la marque de chaussures de course jeune et prospère, tient les employés du nouveau siège de la société à Zurich en haleine : alors que les environnements de travail cherchent généralement à raccourcir les chemins, l'équipe On se déplace le long d'une allée centrale dans un espace de bureau de plus de 100 mètres. Il n'existe ni cloisons ni espaces de travail attitrés. Les employés parcourent une distance totale de deux à trois kilomètres par jour dans un cadre qui favorise l'intercommunication, contrairement à un aménagement de bureau classique. Un environnement aussi dynamique est un carrefour d'émotions qui exige un certain confort - sous la forme de canapés qui conviennent aux bureaux et de sièges de bureau qui sont également parfaits pour le bureau à domicile. Cette transversalité est assurée par la vaste gamme de produits de Vitra, ce qui explique pourquoi le bureau On est entièrement équipé de meubles Vitra.
  • Architecture intérieure
    Brunner Mettler Co. / On
  • Photographie
    Eduardo Perez

"An Office to Help Define the Brand"

Interview with David Allemann and Thilo Alex Brunner

The shoe label On has furnished its new office in Zurich together with Vitra. The start-up company – whose innovative running shoe conquered the world market in the span of a few years – implemented an interior concept that conveys an emotional experience of the brand and promotes its team-based culture, similar to a sports team. Freunde von Freunden visited co-founder David Allemann and spoke with him and designer Thilo Alex Brunner about their concept.

What was the specific approach to expanding your office space?

David Allemann: The key question was not how the office would look but how we wanted to build our brand. At On, everything is always on the move and change is always possible. As a young, rapidly expanding sports brand, this concept occupies a central role within the company. We consequently wanted a versatile office that embodies this spirit and can quickly absorb new employees and create a strong team identity. We do not actually consider the space as an office, but rather as an open campus that welcomes guests, athletes and friends and can be easily adapted to our growing number of employees. At the same time it functions like a meeting place, a ‘piazza’ where people come together. It was obvious that the new On campus would help define the brand.

What was the basic idea for the design of the new On office?

Thilo Alex Brunner: The central idea was that it was to have no final layout, no fixed walls and as few enclosed spaces as possible. This means that our entire ‘campus’ is visible from anywhere in the room. Our office combines all these functions in a structured open space, which is divided into individual versatile areas and adapts itself to our needs.

A ‘structured open space’ – can you describe that more precisely?

David Allemann: The front zone features a play area with a long sofa where people can sit and talk, and a kitchen. We often eat lunch here together at a large table. The rear zone is designed as a work area. Employees can sit at large or small Joyn tables, work at standing desks or make use of various niches for small, private meetings, quiet one-to-one conversations and concentrated work. And of course, there is also the gym zone. We are a sports brand and often exercise with friends and colleagues at lunchtime. This comes about naturally and has a tremendous effect on our team spirit.