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All magazine articles are displayed at Magazine articles communicate content which remains relevant indefinitely, in contrast to news articles, which communicate information which is relevant for a limited period of time and will become outdated. Magazine articles tell the story of Vitra and the related design culture, including Vitra history, company philosophy, designers, friends and associates, quality, products, and architecture. Magazine articles range from short, amusing anecdotes to in-depth interviews.

Examples of magazine article subjects include:

  • Additional / background information about:
     - Exhibitions in the Vitra Design Museum and elsewhere
     - Special initiatives (e.g. The Colour and Material Library, Rehberger Weg)
     - Product design/ development (e.g. Landi Chair, Stool Tool)
  • Vitra anecdotes
  • Interviews
  • Guest contributions (e.g. adaptations from Freunde von Freunden)
  • Discourses on the company philosophy of Vitra

Content Checklist - Magazine

To submit a magazine article, please use the following checklist as a guide to prepare a briefing.

Minimum requirements:
Example page #1 - a simple magazine article with only one image

  • Text
     - Title: ideally 35 letters or less
     - Subtitle: in some cases predetermined (e.g. “A Vitra Anecdote”, “Interview with…”)
     - Body text
     - Supporting texts: credits, addresses, opening times, etc.
  • Translations: for each language (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, and optionally JP)
     - unless the article will only be shown in a smaller geographic area (local channels)
  • Key Visual: jpeg, horizontal orientation, at least 1500 pixels wide
  • Metadata for all images / videos: in Censhare (how-to)
     - No Censhare access? Use this form and send it with the images.
  • Related Articles: please specify which three articles should be linked in the bookshelf at the end of the magazine article.
  • Publication Date
  • Briefing: see "Briefings" below.

Optional extras:
If additional content is available, we can make a more in-depth magazine article, like example page #2.

  • Links in text *: please highlight where in the text the link(s) should be placed and specify the target page (i.e. Designer Page, Product Page, etc.) or external URL.
  • Video: please see "Requirements for Videos". A video can also be used in place of a static key visual.
  • Additional images: jpeg format, preferably in horizontal orientation. We can only use vertical images for a few image layouts.
  • Metadata for all images / videos: in Censhare (how-to)
     - No Censhare access? Use this form and send it with the images.
  • Quotes: please indicate which text should be excerpted for a quote. Quotes are displayed as a teaser - printed larger and embedded within the body text - as in a print magazine. Therefore, quotes should be relatively short: around 30 words or less.
* Ideally, no page on should be a dead end – we always want to direct the visitor to further relevant pages, preferably on or when appropriate, to external websites.


To create or update a webpage on, we'll need a briefing from you. To save time and effort for everyone, please assemble as much content as possible, organize it, translate it, and proofread it before submitting the briefing. Let us know where images, downloads, and links should be placed in the text and include the Censhare IDs for images and dowload assets in the briefing. If you don't know where content should be uploaded into Censhare, ask us for a content folder and we will send you the Asset ID for your uploads. Besides images, texts and documents for download can also be uploaded to the content folder.

Example of a simple briefing

Image: Creative Commons - o.Ang., Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F079099-0023, Göttingen, Schreibwarengeschäft, 1. Juni 1988