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Ressources mondiales - Global Sourcing

Any requests for changes? No problem!
After all, this gives us an opportunity to show you how professional our supply chain management truly is as well as how our central sourcing organization responds to concept modifications. We do it in a dependable, flexible manner, to the highest level. What does all this mean? Your needs may change, but not our speed and cost-efficiency.

Nothing is certain.
Time and time again, our experience has shown that every conceivable project modification will actually occur at one time or another. The only way to handle this adequately is to offer seamless management of the value chain for all internal as well as all external subsegments. The hub here is our central sourcing organization. We have built a strategic sourcing management system that, among other things, affords us access to global sourcing markets. A close-knit network of certified suppliers aids us in responding flexibly, swiftly and cost-efficiently to differing customer needs and changes in project volume.

The key message and the good news for you: we ensure your on-time rollout, even in the event of sudden requests for changes. That’s the constant factor in working with us.

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