Concepts & Projects for offices

The office is an expression of a company’s identity. Its design influences the mindset and behaviour of employees, increasing or diminishing their motivation and, as a related consequence, their productivity.


For some clients, Vitra is a furniture supplier – for others, we are a full- service provider in the advising, planning and implementation of workspaces or public areas. The specific needs and preferences of the client determine our level of involvement in a project.

Based on a comprehensive analysis, we develop a concept for the future office that coordinates the communication flows, work processes and spatial organisation of the interior. In addition to the layout, furnishings and technical features, sociological and psychological aspects also play a key role in turning a workspace into a living space.

Our Clients
When designing office environments, Vitra unites the interests of the company and its employees.
Workspirit is Vitra’s project journal about office culture and the future of work. Vitra has been putting out new editions of this publication since 1988. The publication contains theories on the office and on work as well as information on the kind of new products that translate these theories into reality.
The structure of the Vitra Workspace resembles a mosaic: product groups by Vitra are arranged together with Artek furniture in staged settings that demonstrate contemporary constellations for office interiors.
Citizen Office
Vitra uses its own offices as a laboratory to test new ideas and concepts. For example, designated areas for withdrawal and communication were found to be indispensable in an open space for the promotion of concentration and teamwork.