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High Work

Alternating between sitting and standing at work is healthy. Indeed, specialist for ergonomics in the workplace recommend that you spend around 40% of your time at work standing and 60% sitting. This alternation reduces strain on the body, promotes more movement and is good for your circulation. In order to be able to alternate between standing and sitting, height-adjustable tables are often used.

However, Vitra has analysed this topic from a different perspective: with High Work, work is performed mainly at standing height tables. If staff want to sit, they can do so on a high level chair. Because this concept does not require the table’s height to be adjusted, the act of alternating between standing and sitting is a lot more spontaneous and dynamic, and thus takes place a lot more often. Vitra has developed an entire High Work system. This comprises single workstations, team workstations, fully-equipped work benches and meeting structures, which together create a more flexible, more productive work environment.

Overview of the Collection: High Work
Product Brochure: High Work (PDF)