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Pivot Stool

Antonio Citterio, 2012

The Pivot Stool by Antonio Cittterio is an unobstrusive office chair, whose curved contours offer comfortably soft seating, ideal for use in home offices. The slender base of the backrest allows considerable freedom of movement and the chair can also be used in a sideways position. The textured square-knit fabric provides a non-slip surface and adds a subtle, decorative touch.
Material description
  • ピボットスツール:DIN68877に適合する標準的な高さの回転チェア。ポリアミド ベーシックダークまたはアルミ ダイキャスト ポリッシュ仕上 5スターベース カーペット用ハードキャスター。オプションでグライドを選択可。高さ調節可。ベースリングなし
Product family
The Pivot office chair by Antonio Citterio is roughly 30 cm taller than a standard office chair. It thus facilitates healthy and spontaneous alternation between standing and sitting postures: instead of the desk being raised or lowered, users work at a standing-height table and can either sit on Pivot or stand up, as they prefer. The rounded, forward-curving backrest of Pivot ensures great freedom of movement: the chair can also be used in a sideways position or as a stable support upon which…
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This product was designed by
アントニオ・チッテリオ (Antonio Citterio) はミラノを拠点として活躍する建築家、デザイナーです。 ヴィトラとは1988年から協働を始め、一般家庭のための家具から、オフィス向けのオフィスチェアやシステムまで、 チッテリオが生み出す製品はその幅を広げ続けています。
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