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Cyl Sofa / シル ソファ

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2016

The side and back panels of Cyl Sofa create a space for retreat: while the low panels send more of a signal that privacy is desired, the high panels actually create a sheltered physical space – Cyl Sofa High shields users from view. Two Cyl Sofa High units can be placed opposite one another to create a spontaneous meeting room, without any need for fixed structures. The sofa's firm upholstery supports an upright sitting position, which is conducive to work tasks and meetings; the panels are available in wood veneer or covered with fabric.
Back and side panels veneer (2)
Material description
  • Frame and supporting structure: frame and cover strip made of solid natural oak. Corner connector and top cover made of anodised aluminium. Plywood board as structural frame. Back and side panels: veneer or fabric cover. Upholstery and seat: polyurethane foam and polyester fleece. Seat height 440 mm (measured in accordance with EN 1335-1 = 330 mm). Removable. Back and side cushions: 2 back cushions and 2 armrest cushions, filled with polyurethane foam rods and mix of feathers. Glides: felt glides. Note: the sofa is delivered assembled.
Cyl / シル
Cyl represents the antithesis of the cold, technical office environment and aims to create a haven of peace and strength by focussing on tradition. Solid wood emphasises the clean lines of the system with its smooth planes, structural frame and cylindrical elements. As a rather uncommon material in office settings, solid wood conveys a handcrafted, natural aesthetic and infuses a touch of emotion into the look and feel of the workplace. The Cyl system encompasses different tables and a sofa…
ロナン & エルワン・ブルレック
ロナン&エルワン・ブルレック (Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec) は、パリを拠点として活躍するデザイナーです。 彼らの作品は日々の暮らしの中で使う小物から建築プロジェクトまで多岐に渡ります。 2000年以降、ロナン&エルワン・ブルレックはヴィトラと協働しホームやオフィス向けのあらゆるコレクションを発表しています。