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Tyde Meeting

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2013

The Tyde table family also includes meeting tables at a standard sitting height as well as height-adjustable versions. Their design is very similar to the workstations, offering compatible office furnishings for both workspaces and meeting areas. Like the Tyde workstations, the meeting tables are equipped with a polyester fleece cable tray, which dampens the noise of the height-adjustment motor while also contributing to the overall sound absorption in open office spaces. Thanks to the simple height adjustment mechanism, meetings can be spontaneously held while seated or standing, with stand-up meetings being particularly suited to shorter discussions. Standing up helps promote concentration and good posture by preventing participants from passively settling into their chairs. Tyde meeting tables are available in various sizes for up to ten people.
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While sit-stand tables are generally only available for single workstations, Tyde extends this concept to offer the combined benefits of standing and sitting work postures to double workstations and conference tables. Tyde incorporates special features to address the acoustic challenges of today's open plan offices: the electric height adjustment motor is especially quiet and concealed under the table inside a sound-absorbing cover. In addition, the newly developed screens made of polyester…
ロナン & エルワン・ブルレック
ロナン&エルワン・ブルレック (Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec) は、パリを拠点として活躍するデザイナーです。 彼らの作品は日々の暮らしの中で使う小物から建築プロジェクトまで多岐に渡ります。 2000年以降、ロナン&エルワン・ブルレックはヴィトラと協働しホームやオフィス向けのあらゆるコレクションを発表しています。