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Silent Wall

Arik Levy, 2012


In open-plan offices, the division of space and optimisation of acoustics are essential tasks when it comes to creating a pleasant and productive work environment. These tasks are often resolved with fixed installations, which tend to be costly and complicated solutions with limited variability. The Silent Wall modular system offers a flexible alternative for this purpose.

Silent Wall is a solid construction consisting of a honeycomb core faced with perforated sheet steel or textile cover panels. As a result, Silent Wall has outstanding acoustic sound-proofing characteristics. The wall elements, available in two heights, facilitate easy planning and can be configured to create a wide range of room architectures with minimal effort. The configurations can also be converted or taken along to a new location, saving time and costs. The system is highly versatile: Silent Wall divides rooms, separates work areas, delineates team zones and defines passageways. With a roof, Silent Wall forms a room within a room for concentrated work. Thanks to its connection points for monitors and tables, Silent Wall can also function as a media wall. In combination with cabinets and lockers, Silent Wall is suited for use as a wardrobe, a printer island or a coffee corner. Since it is prepared for electrification, Silent Wall can be fitted with lamps for both workstations and rooms.

This product was designed by
アリック・レヴィ (Arik Levy) はパリを拠点として活躍するデザイナーです。 スタジオの活動は、彫刻やインスタレーションの制作から産業デザインや日常的な製品の開発にまで及びます。 レヴィは2000年からヴィトラと協働しており、オフィス家具のデザインや、さまざまなプロジェクトに携わっています。
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