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Retail spaces can be reconfigured at any time: adapted to sales needs during the day and in-store customer events in the evening. Shelves can be fitted at different heights without tools.

Power on the shelf…

Electrical power is available in the multifunctional ceiling profile.

…and in the ceiling

The ceiling profile can simultaneously house merchandise supports with a low voltage power supply (24 V) and ceiling lamps (230 V).

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Dit product is ontworpen door
Jutta Blocher
Jutta Blocher studeerde interieurontwerp aan de Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences en richtte in 1989 samen met haar man Dieter ‘blocher partners’ op. Ze bouwde een reputatie op als expert in driedimensionale merkcommunicatie met ontwerpen en projecten die veel ruimte bieden aan merkexpressie.
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