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Kado 25

Kado 25 is an exceptionally versatile structural system. Its basic elements – square tubes with a 25 x 25 mm cross-section and different corner connectors – are easily assembled into a variety of structures such as cubes, shelf units, tables, plinths, gondolas and ceiling-mounted elements. They can be fitted with shelves or hanging rails. The metal tubes, which come in a selection of different finishes, are connected by twisting through 45°. All shelf units and structures can be modified or dismantled. Kado is also available in the slimline version Kado 15. Kado 25 offers such extensive configuration options that it is best to contact us to discuss your requirements. A sketch with the following specifications is also useful: - dimensions of configuration - wooden or glass shelves - Chrome, Silk or Pearl finish - no glides, with glides or with castors We are happy to assist you with the design of the Kado 25 structures required and will configure the necessary components.
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