Dorothee Becker, 1969

Dorothee Becker designed the practical Uten.Silo organiser in 1969, followed by a smaller version just a year later. The wall-mounted organiser helps keep odds and ends tidy in homes, offices and workshops. Uten.Silo is equipped with clips, hooks and containers of various shapes and sizes, providing practical storage space for all kinds of everyday objects and making it easier to find things.
Uten.Silo is made of ABS plastic; hooks and clips are made of metal. Both sizes are available in the colours black, white or red.


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Dorothee Becker

Dorothee Becker (1938–2023) studied languages in Frankfurt and Munich. After living in London and Paris for a time, she moved to California in 1960. A few years later, she returned to Germany with her husband, Ingo Maurer, and ran a successful shop for well-designed and practical everyday objects until 1989.