Inspirations for homes

Feeling welcome​

At Vitra, we understand that our thoughts and emotions, are shaped by our surroundings. In crafting an inviting home, we are creating an environment where our family and friends can experience our love. Gathered around our table, those closest to us become a joyous collective, brought together by shared history and newly crafted memories.​

Table settings​

Combine the textures and colours of food, flowers and tableware to create a richly layered table. Choose natural or carefully recycled materials that will last a lifetime, gathering memories as they go. Vitra’s collection of vases and ceramics offers a range of colourful designs that will add a bright touch to your table setting, be it inside or out.​

Little helpers​

The Vitra Accessories Collection features little helpers, vases and ceramics made of high-quality materials and comprises a wide range of colourful designs. Each creation has an especially decorative role to celebrate the return of the outdoor dining season. ​

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