Barcelona, Spain

The client operates a co-working space with an interior designed to create an inspirational environment in which new ideas can be developed and projects presented. The charm and time-worn patina of the old industrial rooms was to be contrasted and accentuated with functional but comfortable furnishings.

The decision was made to use furniture from Vitra because, despite an understated, timeless design, the Vitra portfolio stands for flexibility, ergonomics and contemporary technology. The reception area, workspaces, meeting room, coffee corner, event venue and the large entrance passage were outfitted with long-lasting products from Vitra – thus achieving what users describe as 'a perfect balance between function, form and comfort'.
Skye Maunsell Studio, Jordi Veciana
Interior architecture
Skye Maunsell Studio, Jordi Veciana
Salva Lopez
Product overview