Vitra Design Museum Office

Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein

The Vitra Design Museum office was designed in 2016 as a ‘transparent’ workplace for the museum team. The museum pursues a public mission as a foundation operating in the cultural sector. Visitors have a view of the office and the restoration workshop from the adjacent Depot Deli restaurant, and all meeting rooms have glass walls that connect the outside and inside.

The curators of the Vitra Design Museum typically prepare new exhibitions over a period of 18 months. Project areas are provided for this purpose, and their walls are used to visualise the current state of progress. The museum’s specialists, including archivists, historians and restorers, maintain close contact with colleagues by working at open Joyn workstations.

The atmosphere here stands out from other offices at Vitra. The Vitra Design Museum is a cultural institution with its own corporate culture – and this can be felt in the office. Artefacts, research and history play an important role; employees surround themselves with physical objects and visual inspirations that foster debate and discussion.

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