Environments shape our thoughts and feelings and the power of good design can improve our surroundings. Vitra strives towards this goal – including in the health sector.

Vitra in the health sector

Health crises – such as a pandemic – impact the architecture and furnishings of medical facilities. For example, clinics for the treatment of tuberculosis in the early 20th century were drivers for modern, no-frills, light-flooded architecture. The Covid pandemic has also accelerated developments in healthcare and put the entire sector in the public eye. When it comes to planning and furnishing spaces that convey a sense of safety and well-being to patients, visitors and hospital staff alike, while still being highly functional, Vitra can draw on decades of experience and a portfolio of suitable products.

Environments influence people’s behaviour and emotions. That is why hospital furnishings are not just about durability, ergonomics, cleaning, disinfection, standards, maintenance, customisability or modularity: patients, who can often experience great anxiety and distress, should feel well taken care of and comfortable. Vitra products have always been used in public and private spaces. Made from premium materials with first-class workmanship, they meet the stringent demands of public spaces, while simultaneously conveying a warm and welcoming appeal.
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Healthcare requirements for patients and healthcare workers

Vitra designs products for healthcare spaces that meet the quality and sustainability requirements of patients and staff.

Spatial solutions for hospitals and clinics

Welcome & waiting areas
Patient rooms
Lobbies and lounge areas
Consultation rooms
Cafeterias and restaurants