Vitra’s manufacturer warranty programme

Vitra guarantees the longevity of selected products with a ten-to-thirty year manufacturer’s warranty. Our pieces are not only designed and engineered to last a lifetime, but are made to be passed down from one generation to the next – a commitment to quality and durability that guides every decision we make when developing and manufacturing our products.

  • The product(s) must have a production date that is no earlier than 1 January 2020
  • The product(s) must be purchased from a certified Vitra dealer or
  • The product(s) must be part of the selection which is displayed in the grid down below
  • The product(s) must be registered at within three months of purchase
Vitra’s warranty programme is part of our company’s commitment to sustainability and aims to include more products in the future. Read the full terms and conditions.

Eligible products for the manufacturer warranty programme


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