Talky x Vitra

Stephan Hürlemann, 2023

A well-designed open office environment includes options for quiet retreat – for telephone calls, focused solo tasks, confidential conversations or to simply contemplate ideas. The soundproof pod Talky fulfils this very purpose. Developed for Erich Keller AG by designer and architect Stephan Hürlemann, they are distributed by Vitra in the company's own range of textiles and colours. As Talky's exterior panels can additionally be equipped with pinboards, whiteboards, flipcharts, shelving, workstations, coat racks and plant trays, it also energises its immediate surroundings. Combined with the mobile Dancing Wall, also designed by Hürlemann, Talky contributes to the dynamic environment of open office landscapes.
Available in a selection of Vitra textiles for the inner and outer panels, Talky can be harmonised with diverse office settings as well as with other Vitra products. The interior fittings can be adapted to the respective use – making it possible to transform a single office into a mini-meeting room or small workshop in a few simple steps. The effective acoustic insulation ensures privacy, while the powerful but quiet ventilation system provides good air quality inside the pod. And with exterior surfaces covered in fabric, Talky has a positive effect on room acoustics.

Talky exists in the sizes S75 and S109 for one to four people and can also be produced in special sizes on request – the small S75 model can be repositioned with a forklift truck. Talky is also designed so that individual parts can be repaired or replaced.


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Stephan Hürlemann

Stephan Hürlemann is a Swiss architect and designer with an independent studio in Zurich. He designs and develops interiors, furniture, products and installations for international clients. He has worked together with Vitra since 2017.