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Manufacturer’s warranty for selected products

An original will always retain its worth. An imitation will never be anything but a copy, a stolen idea. The difference lies in the details – not just the quality and more obvious variances but also the sensory and emotional appeal of the authentic product. An original is a lifelong companion and may well outlive you to be gratefully received by the next generation.

The high quality of our originals allows us to offer a ten-year warranty on selected products. The manufacturer’s warranty applies to selected Vitra Originals purchased from an authorised dealer starting 1 September 2020. To activate the warranty, you must register your product within three months of the purchase date.

  • Purchased after 1 September 2020
  • From a certified Vitra dealer or
  • The product must be one of the selected Vitra Originals
  • The product has to be registered within 3 months of purchase

Eligible products for the extended warranty

  • Eames Fiberglass Chair
  • Standard
  • Eames Plastic Chair
  • Lounge Chair
  • Wire Chair
  • Eames Soft Pad Group
  • Panton Chair / Panton Junior
  • Eames Aluminium Group
  • Standard SP
  • .03
  • Organic Chair
  • Panton Classic
  • Cité
  • Landi