Terracotta Pots

Thélonious Goupil, 2023

Designed by Vitra in collaboration with French designer Thélonious Goupil, the Terracotta Pots are made of dense fired clay. The column-like forms of the different sized pots serve as pedestals for the plants they hold, elevating them and giving them more presence in the room.
The Terracotta Pots come in three sizes: XS, S and L. The two smaller models are intended for use on tables or display surfaces, while the larger L variant is designed to stand on the floor. In addition, the S-sized version exists as a three-part set that can be assembled in different configurations for varied plant arrangements.
The Terracotta Pots are made of natural high-quality clay from Italy, which is pressed into shape and fired. The pots are extremely durable and water-resistant. The inside of the Terracotta Pots is glazed and they come with a drainage hole in the base.


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Thélonious Goupil

Thélonious Goupil is a French industrial designer. He trained at Ransmeier Inc. and Jasper Morrison Ltd. and graduated from ENSCI (École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle) – Les Ateliers in Paris in 2016. He has been collaborating with Vitra since 2021.