Sit Better, Work Better

A Studio Visit with Christoph Ingenhoven

Ingenhoven Architects is known for its open-minded approach to new concepts for office spaces. Their own office in Düsseldorf captivates with a well thought-out overall concept, featuring the Physix Chair by Alberto Meda.

Ingenhoven Architects are well versed in office concepts. Over the last 30 years, the architectural firm has designed and built the headquarters of companies such as Lufthansa, Swarovski and Google. For that, they've constantly and closely examined how people work and what exactly makes for a good working atmosphere. For Christoph Ingenhoven, there was no doubt of whether or not they would apply these revelations to their own office: “Work has always played an important role for people but where the work is done has long been determined and set. Like on a farm or at a smith's shop. That's not the case for office work. There are plenty of things in that space that we cannot influence but also plenty that we can.“
“Architects really like to surround themselves with certain kinds of furniture and with certain kinds of objects.”
According to Ingenhoven, their previous office space was a bit too contorted. For the new office, he sat down with consultants and staff to plan the right concept – from the lighting to the furnishings. The high-ceilinged rooms have no visible supports, allowing for an uninterrupted view through the office. Throughout the space, you can find the firm's own works in the form of models, which act as references for visitors and staff alike. The long work table breaks up any form of isolation and fulfills two functions: flexible work and a sense of community.
For Ingenhoven, the office is more than just a static workspace: “The greatest artistic challenge in architecture is actually creating a public space where people feel comfortable. This naturally applies to all of the things in the office. Tables, chairs, benches.” The fact that he leaves nothing to chance for the space's design can be traced back to his own profession: “Architects really like to surround themselves with certain kinds of furniture and with certain kinds of objects. And those send certain signals. A language that we speak."
This portrait has been created in cooperation with Freunde von Freunden. You can find a more in-depth look into the offices of Ingenhoven Architects here.

Publication Date: 29.12.2016
Author: Milena Zwerenz
Translation: Brenton Withers
Images: Max Brunnert

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