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Zoo Timers

George Nelson, 1965


As a truly multi-talented designer, George Nelson was also successful as a graphic designer. His hand-drawn Zoo Timers – children's wall clocks in the form of colourful characters from the animal kingdom – contrast sharply with his sculptural wall clocks from the 1950s. The Zoo Timers offer children a playful and enjoyable approach to telling the time.

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Zoo Timers - Fernando the Fish
2D dataDWG, 22.13KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 1.07KBDownload
3D data3DS, 7.71KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 132.42KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 10.09KBDownload
3D dataOGRP, 58.62KBDownload
3D dataVCS, 77.88KBDownload
Zoo Timers - Omar the Owl
2D dataDWG, 21.98KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 1.06KBDownload
3D data3DS, 6.01KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 164.59KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 8.31KBDownload
3D dataOGRP, 103.80KBDownload
3D dataVCS, 123.00KBDownload
Zoo Timers - Elihu the Elephant
2D dataDWG, 22.03KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 1.09KBDownload
3D data3DS, 7.00KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 212.77KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 9.29KBDownload
3D dataOGRP, 145.32KBDownload
3D dataVCS, 164.44KBDownload