Bridge Colour Palettes

Bridge colours in the Vitra Colour and Material Library offer a link between various contrasting objects and materials.

Every bridge colour appears in several materials and textiles and results in a corresponding palette – a range of hues based on one single tone that vary slightly in appearance, depending on the material’s characteristics. Every new colour is designed to accentuate the respective material’s texture and surface qualities. Whether a surface is glossy, translucent or rough, and how the surfaces react to shadow play and reflections determines the colour’s hue within a bridge colour palette.
The brick red colour tone looks darker on a matt plastic than in an Aura fabric because the textile’s construction is based on a cluster of yarns and binding that exhibit a satiny complexion. The mustard hue on an Eames Plastic Chair also stems from the same palette that is used for the Hopsak fabric, the Panton Chair or the Tip Ton Chair. The customer can choose from a range of colour options and materials within each bridge colour palette to create a link between various pieces of furniture for tone-on-tone settings.

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