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AC 5 Work

Antonio Citterio, 2017

The elegant office swivel chair AC 5 Work is equipped with a range of sophisticated functions that not only guarantee healthy seating comfort, but are also discreetly out of sight. Visually undisturbed by mechanical components, AC 5 Work is a distinctive object with graceful lines that has not compromised on functionality and is a perfect seating option for well-appointed offices. The elaborate design of the AC 5 Work backrest with its three-zone structure – lumbar zone, sink-in zone and shoulder zone – provides optimum support for the neck and prevents muscle tension. Also equipped with a FlowMotion mechanism with synchronised forward tilt and seat depth adjustment, as well as innovative FreeFloat armrests, AC 5 Work offers an expansive range of ergonomic features.
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Product family
AC 5 Group
Jointly developed by Antonio Citterio and Vitra, the AC 5 Group is a family of office chairs designed to furnish modern, disparate work environments in a consistent aesthetic. Their trim shapes, sophisticated aluminium components and classic Hopsak cover fabric lend these chairs a dignified elegance. At the same time, the various models of the AC 5 Group cover a wide performance spectrum. These high-quality, versatile chairs are especially well suited for specific applications: from the…
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This product was designed by
Antonio Citterio
The architect and designer Antonio Citterio, who lives and works in Milan, has collaborated with Vitra since 1988. Together they have produced a series of office chairs and various office systems, as well as products for the Vitra Home Collection. The Citterio Collection is constantly being expanded.
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