Natasha Landers’ colourful and welcoming home mirrors her personality

Natasha has been a diversity and change management consultant for 25 years, running her own consultancy. She enjoys being surrounded by vibrant and colourful furnishings and accessories.
‘Your home should reflect who you are. I am a social butterfly, but also a renegade. I want to do things differently.’
‘I bought this Victorian building 23 years ago from an older couple. When I moved in with my two-year-old daughter, there was no central heating. To start with I had to make it watertight because rain was coming through the roof. I also had to rewire the whole house. For the first 15 years, I didn’t rush things but took it step by step. Now I’m very meticulous about details, I want to make sure I get what I want. I love vintage pieces. There is value in things with a timeless aura. Classic mid-century furniture just fits in any space. As a creative, my mind is always buzzing. I do redecorate a lot and love to experiment. I dress like my home. Lots of colour.’
‘I’m not a minimalist. People use the word eclectic quite a lot and I don’t know how else to describe the way that I do things. My ancestors came from a sunny place, and it’s often grey here. In my kitchen I have a rubber yellow floor, and no matter how grey it is outside, there’s always sunshine in the room. The kitchen, which is also the dining room, is where I hold parties. I love to cook lots of different dishes. We often sit with friends around the table and play dominoes or charades. I’ve got a record player in the kitchen, and I like to dance around the room. Don’t let anyone tell you what’s right or wrong in terms of your home and your interior. It is all about what feels comfortable to you.’
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