Monstar Hub

Bangkok, Thailand

The client is a growing global supplier of digital technology solutions. Keen to satisfy its burgeoning need for highly trained engineers and technology developers while also providing a flexible work environment for existing teams, the company launched the co-working venue Monstar Hub in Bangkok. It was planned as an open, spacious meeting place that would attract suitable talents and bring them into contact with Monstar Lab.

The aim was to create interior spaces that would function equally well for people from diverse cultural backgrounds, offering them a cohesively designed experience with a touch of home-like informality. At the same time, the layout was conceived to facilitate the organisation of attractive events and seminars. Thanks to a product portfolio that fulfils all of the necessary requirements, the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra was chosen to outfit the interiors.
Flooat Inc
Interior architecture
Ms.Yumika Yoshida / Mr. Koshiro Horii
Nacása & Partners Inc.
Product overview