Norman Foster, 1998

As a renowned architect of major international airports, Norman Foster is also an expert on airport interior design. The AIRLINE seating system for waiting areas was developed by Foster in collaboration with Vitra. The basic idea: a sturdy frame consisting of an aluminium beam supported by die-cast aluminium legs, upon which seat elements, armrests and table units are mounted.

AIRLINE allows an economical and flexible use of space. The system is extremely robust and easy to clean. Assembly is simple – requiring just a single wrench – which also makes it easy to reconfigure as needed. The design is restrained and sleek, pairing the superior durability of its construction with stylistic longevity.


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Norman Foster

The architect Norman Foster is not only an airport specialist, but also an expert with regard to the interior design and equipment of international airport buildings. Together with Vitra, he developed the Airline seating system for waiting areas.