Vitra Campus, 2023

The Vitra Campus is pleased to welcome a new addition: a site on which to play pétanque – a variant of the game of boules – is now situated near Place Jean Prouvé. To the east of the Fire Station, a 15 x 4 m area has been marked out and covered with a special gravel. The game of pétanque originates from the south of France, but today enjoys worldwide popularity.

It is a game for all ages in which 2–6 players try to throw their metal balls as close as possible to a small target ball (called a jack). The rules are very simple. It is fun to play but does require some practice.

The Boule-Platz is open to campus guests, who can bring their own boules or rent or buy a set at the Schaudepot during campus opening hours, 10am to 6pm.

Publication date: 19.10.2023
Images: Dejan Jovanovic