Swiss Museum of Transport

Lucerne, Switzerland

Opened in 1959, the Swiss Museum of Transport is the most visited museum in Switzerland. Displaying a large collection of different modes of transportation, it addresses overarching topics such as logistics, energy, sustainability, communication, IT and digitalisation. The institution is also home to the Hans Erni Art Museum as well as the largest cinema screen and largest planetarium in Switzerland.

The transport museum's offices previously had a traditional closed layout and the employees were scattered across several different floors within the building. With the new multi-purpose construction designed by architects Gigon/Guyer, the opportunity was seized to create a new, modern and open-plan team hub on just one floor.

Vitra's Consulting & Planning Studio (CPS) worked with the architects and the Swiss Museum of Transport to develop a multifaceted environment. A series of workshops were carried out with team representatives to document the different needs and requirements and implement them within the space to ensure efficient collaboration.

As sustainability is particularly important to the museum, durable Vitra products were selected for the workstations, cafeteria, lounge and retreat areas. Furthermore around 300 Eames Fiberglass Chairs from 1972 were restored and reconditioned. Used in the museum’s restaurants until 2008, they are now employed in various conference rooms within the same building.
Interior architecture
Vitra Consulting & Planning Studio
Eduardo Perez
Product overview

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