Jarcke Architekten

Mannheim, Germany

Jarcke Architekten recently installed their new offices in a locomotive shed built in 1870 – an industrial structure in Mannheim that was protected as a historic landmark but had been abandoned for decades. Old sandstone walls, original steel gates, transom windows, single-pane glass, wooden trusses, painted surfaces: rather than disposing of these traces from the past, they were infused with new life. Now a creative workshop fills the space where three steam locomotives used to be serviced.

Modern acoustic solutions and interior glazing in the window niches provide for a quiet atmosphere, skylights along the roof ridge illuminate the space with natural light, and innovative digital networks link the romantic industrial ambience with 'new work' technology. Matthias Jarcke was sure about one thing: 'Vitra is the only company for this building.' Vitra products were integrated into the interior, some of which interact with their surroundings, while others are inconspicuous and allow the space to speak for itself – like the AC 5 office chair with its elegantly concealed ergonomic features.
Interior architecture
Daniel Vieser Architekturfotografie
Product overview