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Leather care set for smooth leather

The leather care set for smooth leather is suitable for the versions ‘Leather’, ‘Leather Grand’ and ‘Leather Premium’ and thus for a wide range of Vitra products. Good care will prolong the life – and your enjoyment – of the product.

Information on leather care sets
If you have an older Vitra product (purchased before 01.01.2023), it is possible that the type of leather has since been changed and your particular version is no longer carried. However, the respective care products are still available! Simply check your order information for details of the leather used for your product.

If you cannot find this information, you may also contact our service department with the serial number. You will usually find the production label on the underside of the seat in the case of chairs and next to the mechanism flap in the case of office chairs. While the production labels have been altered over the years, they have retained their essential characteristics – white colour and a more or less rectangular shape. Here is an example of a label and where it can be found.


Leather Premium
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Leather Grand
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