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Numerous items of Vitra furniture are suitable for outdoor use. Carefully designed for a universal purpose, and not just as 'garden furniture', tables, chairs and side tables from Vitra add a fresh and appealing accent to any balcony or terrace.


How do I avoid stains and rust on outdoor furniture?
  • Do not allow water to accumulate on your furniture. We recommend that you place chairs in a slightly tilted position when not in use to prevent water from collecting.
  • Wipe down furniture when wet after rain or snowfall, as this will damage the surface over time. Clean up spilled liquids and sunscreen immediately, as these can leave stains on the surface if exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid long-term contact with objects that might absorb water or moisture (e.g. flowerpots on tables). In particular, the combination of moisture and warm temperatures can harm surfaces.
  • Breathable materials should be used when covering furniture to prevent the formation of condensation, which can cause stains/rust/mould.
What do I need to consider with furniture made of plastic?
Furniture made of plastic dries quickly, which makes it especially weather-resistant. Nevertheless, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause plastic to become brittle and dull. Vitra employs special additives in plastics to prevent colours from fading due to UV radiation.

However, if a product is exposed to sunlight for longer periods, the colour may change over time. We therefore recommend limited exposure to sunlight.
How do I store my outdoor furniture in winter?
  • The longevity of furniture depends on environmental conditions and usage. Garden furniture should be thoroughly cleaned before being stored for the winter. Remove any dust, dirt or rust.
  • For the longest possible life, furniture should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated location over the winter, protected from shocks and weather. A cool storage space is ideal. Good air circulation impedes the formation of mould. Plastic products are very robust, but should be protected from frost, as fine cracks can form in the surface.
  • Garden furniture should therefore be stored under following conditions: cool at constant temperatures, protected from UV radiation, dry, frost-free, well-ventilated.
Further tips
  • Bird droppings should always be removed from furniture as soon as possible. This contaminant is particularly corrosive and can lead to rust or permanent stains.
  • For areas in proximity to the sea, please be aware that the air contains salt, which can damage components made of steel and aluminium.

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