Kitchen Stories

Berlin, Germany

Founded as a startup in 2013, this successful digital company now operates a cooking app with over 18 million downloads, among other services. No one remembers for sure if the idea for new offices was prompted by the 2017 visit of Apple CEO Tim Cook to the firm’s cramped premises, which occupied several stories of an old building at the time. But the new work environment has now definitely become a reality – planned by TKEZ Architecture & Design with products from Vitra.

An open-plan concept was implemented in an expansive space to accommodate 80 workstations, three show kitchens, a test kitchen, a team kitchen and two photo studios. These areas are used for cooking, producing, programming and designing. Depending on the respective task, teams of varying size are formed with different members, requiring flexible rooms and products. The environment is not only designed to make work processes more efficient, but also to create a sense of well-being – for employees as well as visitors, partners and investors. The furnishings by Vitra contribute to both of these aims.
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TKEZ Architecture & Design
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