Office Chair Finder

Sitting better means working better: find the office chair that best suits you.

Many people work from home today and intend to continue doing so in post-pandemic times. Others split their week between regular days in the office and time working from home, while some reserve the home office exclusively for tasks requiring quiet concentration.
However, sitting for long periods at home is just as hazardous to your health as it is in the office. Having the right task chair is therefore essential wherever you work. A good office chair promotes correct posture, while injecting dynamism into your entire range of movement. In short: if you sit well, you work better.

Various questions influence the decision as to which is the right office chair for your home office: how much time do you spend sitting? Will it be yours alone or will you share it with family members? Do you sit at a desk or at the dining table? What type of work do you do and how do you prefer to sit?

The Office Chair Finder gives you an idea of which Vitra office chair might best suit you and your needs.
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