The three tools of pCon - pCon.facts, pCon.box and pCon.planner - are useful digital aids for furniture sales consulting and the planning of interiors and furnishings. The following pages show what they do in detail.


pCon.facts is a digital price list for all mobile devices. With smart functions, such as the placement of products in the room using augmented reality, it is a practical aid for sales, trade and architects in planning and selling.

With the interactive app pCon.box you can use OFML at the point of sale and easily share configurations, presentations and price and article information with your customers. Here you can find the app for mobile devices as well as the web version.

The pCon.planner is a program (Windows only) with which even complex products in photorealistic quality can be integrated into spatial planning and 3D spatial planning and visualizations can be created.
The version pCon.planner ME (free of charge) can be downloaded here. In conjunction with the OFML data, you have access to the configuration world of Vitra products, including all graphic models.

Are you interested in our OFML data? You can subscribe to the data here. As soon as your access is activated, you will be informed by e-mail.