United Nations

New York, USA

The UN buildings in New York date back to 1951. In 2009, the organisation decided to subject them to extensive renovation. During the renovation process, the Dutch foreign office offered to have the Delegates’ Lounge completely refurbished by a team from the Netherlands. Designer Hella Jongerius then planned the interior design of the spacious area with an eye to its history and the existing fittings. She collaborated with Vitra to develop the Sphere Table and the UN Lounge Chair, which together with the team’s construction measures, strongly influence the character of the new, well-lit space. Vitra and Jongerius subsequently developed the UN Lounge Chair further to create the new East River Chair.
Interior architecture
Hella Jongerius, Rem Koolhaas, Irma Boom, Gabriel Lester und Louise Schouwenberg
Frank Oudeman
Product overview